Tuesday, January 09, 2007

iPhone - Cooler than the Newton

I predict another winner. What makes this product so cool? Why is it better than a Blackberry or a Treo? The interface. It's designed to do many things elegantly but not do all things.

Notice the one thing they left out - handwriting recognition. It's not a note taking device. Instead, they make it highly efficient in the areas where it was intended - phone, web, and mail.

What about music? It does have iPod functionality however, it's not big enough. I use a old 15 GB iPod and I have filled it. I want most of my music collection with me, not just the top x%. I plan on replacing my iPod with a 60 or 80 GB version. I would love the iPhone if it didn't have music, however, when they come out with a 60 or 80 GB version I'll be in heaven.

Will I get one? Absolutely. The question is will I be patient enough to wait for version 2 . I hate being a pioneer.

One more thing, 1 billion downloads on iTunes? Am I the only person left who still buys CDs?