Thursday, June 12, 2008

The iPhone 3G

On Monday, Apple announced the iPhone 3G. Here are my thoughts:

1. Apple accomplished the two most important goals: Open the entire international market to the device and make it acceptable for the Fortune 1000. The G3 capability achieves significant acceptance in the international market, i.e., nations with vast 3G networks. Microsoft Exchange functionality and and a new price point of $199 makes it much easier to move into a corporate environment.

2. GPS - very nice enhancement, however, I don't see the immediate need. I would have preferred the next item.

3. Not increasing the memory size to 32GB or 64GB is a shame. I can only assume that this is due to the strong desire to lower the price point and the price of memory. 16GB is not enough to hold my music. I will still require two devices.

4. Didn't address the need for copy and paste. This surprised me.

5. No improvement in camera size or the addition of a second camera lens. The 2MB is too small. You should at least match the competition.

6. No access to camera settings.

Conclusion - Apple will sell a ton of 3G iPhones. The deficiencies mentioned will not deter the masses. I do, however, expect the above mentioned deficiencies to be addressed within the year.