Sunday, August 21, 2005

ER•6 Isolator Earphones – My ears are now spoiled

As I stated in a previous post, I attended MacWorld Boston this summer a bought a few things. One of my show floor stops was at the Etymotic Research, Inc. ( booth.

Great Sales Technique - These folks sell basically one thing and they do it right. Numerous friendly representatives were offering you an opportunity to listen to the earphones. A representative placed the earphone in my ears – proper fit in vital to the sound quality. There were numerous iPods to listen to but had my iPod with me and was able to listen to my music. I was allowed to listen as long as I want and tested both the ER•6s and the ER•4s. These products sell themselves. I chose the ER•6s because they met my price point ($100).

Sound - The sound is simply great. I swear I hear things I’ve never noticed before in the music. As the sales reps and the literature explains, it is very important to get the ear phone deep in your ear canal otherwise you will not experience a proper bass response. I suggest you try both the plastic and foam ear tips.

Fit – Fit has always been an issue with me but the ER•6s fit great. The ER•6s come with both plastic and foam ear tips. The plastic ear tips did a better job blocking out external noise but I found them uncomfortable and I couldn’t get them deep enough into my ear canal. I was about to return the earphones and then I tried the form ear tips – outstanding! I rolled the form tips with my fingers thus temporarily compressing the ear tips. I then immediately inserted them into my ears and the foam expanded to a comfortable fit and great sound.

Customer Service – The representative gave me extra plastic tips when I purchased the ER•6s. I returned to the booth I mentioned that the foam tips worked great. They immediately gave me extra foam tips.

A great company and a great product. Make sure to stop by their booth if you see Etymotic Research at MacWorld.

Friday, August 19, 2005

The Invisible Shield for your iPod - Great Product

I attended MacWorld this past summer and, as always, bought a few things. One of the items was called "Invisibleshield" by Protective Solutions, Inc. ( The product is a very thin protective film that you attach to your iPod. The stuff is incredible. At the show they had a sample of the film and asked you to poke a ballpoint pen through it. It was extremely hard to do. You then took a look at the models on display and it was hard to believe the film was actually on the product. The show price was approximately $16. While at the booth they offered to buff my iPod to remove some of the scratches. The gentleman spent about 5 minutes buffing my iPod and it looked significantly better. I carry my iPod in a case most of the time and the case actually scratches the iPod. Now it would have taken an hour or more of buffing to remove every mark, but I must tell you, my iPod looked much, much better.

I have a third gen model so they shipped me the film. In the package they request you go to the web site for directions. Initially the directions look a little overwhelming. However, in a nutshell they tell you to wet the sticky side of the film with soapy water and use a credit card to squeegee out the air bubbles. You are also assured that you can remove the film.

The application turned out to be easier than expected and the iPod looks fantastic. The film actually seems to reduce the remaining scratches. I don't recommend many products but this one is a winner. And yes, they have the Invisibleshield for PDAs, cell phones and other products.

Monday, August 15, 2005

The First Post

Welcome! I hope you find my various posts entertaining, informative and stimulating.

Rule #1 - I will not hide behind my keyboard. I will attempt to communicate to you as though you and I were speaking in person, face to face. I will make every attempt to treat my readers with respect. I will not force my opinions upon you. Instead, I welcome constructive rebuttals and replies and will respond in kind.

Topics - Life, Macintosh, Current Events, Politics, Business, etc.

Macs - Love 'em. I help run a mac user group - BMAC, Boston's Macintosh User Group.

Current Events - I try to be thoughtful and not reactionary. In other words, listen and gather data instead of voicing an uneducated opinion. Immediate commentary on "breaking news" will hopefully demonstrate respectful restraint.

Politics - moderate conservative. I wish I was more knowledgeable. I try to watch Meet the Press on Sundays and read an occasional piece of political non-fiction, e.g., The Secret Man by Bob Woodward. I try to understand both sides of the issue.

Business - Expertise - a generalist, accountant by training. I have a BS in Accountancy from Bentley College and a MBA from Babson College. I take immense pride in my alma maters. I'm also a Certified management Accountant. Experienced in accounting, IT, academia and operations.

That's enough for now.

My next step is to develop a better understanding of Blogger and then start posting some items.

Stay tuned.