Monday, August 15, 2005

The First Post

Welcome! I hope you find my various posts entertaining, informative and stimulating.

Rule #1 - I will not hide behind my keyboard. I will attempt to communicate to you as though you and I were speaking in person, face to face. I will make every attempt to treat my readers with respect. I will not force my opinions upon you. Instead, I welcome constructive rebuttals and replies and will respond in kind.

Topics - Life, Macintosh, Current Events, Politics, Business, etc.

Macs - Love 'em. I help run a mac user group - BMAC, Boston's Macintosh User Group.

Current Events - I try to be thoughtful and not reactionary. In other words, listen and gather data instead of voicing an uneducated opinion. Immediate commentary on "breaking news" will hopefully demonstrate respectful restraint.

Politics - moderate conservative. I wish I was more knowledgeable. I try to watch Meet the Press on Sundays and read an occasional piece of political non-fiction, e.g., The Secret Man by Bob Woodward. I try to understand both sides of the issue.

Business - Expertise - a generalist, accountant by training. I have a BS in Accountancy from Bentley College and a MBA from Babson College. I take immense pride in my alma maters. I'm also a Certified management Accountant. Experienced in accounting, IT, academia and operations.

That's enough for now.

My next step is to develop a better understanding of Blogger and then start posting some items.

Stay tuned.



W. Ian Blanton said...

Hey dude! Welcome to the weblog world!

Anonymous said...

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