Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hey! What's been going on?

Hi folks! I’ve been absent for a while. So what have I been doing? Well, I left the firm I had been working back at the end of August. With the free time on my hands I’ve been involved in four things, two of which you already know about, namely blogging and podcasting. The other two items are conducting a job search and working for HR Block.

The job search – My dream job is to be a Powerball winner. Unfortunately I haven’t obtained that yet I need to take a more conventional route. Ideally I would like to obtain a controllership position will a small or medium sized company. Keep me in mind if you know of any opportunities in eastern Massachusetts.

HR Block – I first got this idea from a colleague when I was working as a financial planner. My colleague was a CPA and wanted to start a part time tax practice but lacked the hands-on experience. He compensated by taking the HR Block income tax course.

I took the course this fall. The cost was $150 – a real steal. I’m a Bentley College grad and took Income Tax as a senior. The HR Block course is competitive with the Bentley course. I was very impressed. To be come a Tax Professional for HR Block you need to score an 80 or higher on the final. My score was in the 90s. The next step was to go through 30 hours of training on the tax software and then start as a tax preparer. As you may imagine, studying for taxes, working at HR Block, working as a bartender on Friday nights and attempting to conduct a job search has kept me away from blogging.

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