Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cambridge MA announces that it is a sanctuary city for illegal immigrates

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. May 7, 2006 (AP) - Associated Press reports that Cambridge Massachusetts welcomes illegal immigrants.

The Cambridge City Council is set to vote Monday to reaffirm its sanctuary status, which instructs police and other agencies not to inquire about a person's immigration status when providing government services. The proposal would establish an immigrant rights and citizenship commission to "ensure the equal status of immigrants in education, employment, health care, housing, political, social and legal spheres.

I strongly believe that all LEGAL residents should have equal status under the law. That said, illegal immigrants are just that, illegal, and therefore are not entitled to any public services. As a resident and tax payer of Massachusetts, I am absolutely against the position the Cambridge City Council is adopting. I have no desire to have my tax dollars going towards services for illegal immigrants.

So what is my solution? I believe strong action must be taken to stop illegal entry. This includes physical walls, additional border guards and any other action necessary to protect our borders. The volume of illegal immigrants that have entered the United States is in the millions and I simply do not believe that other countries would allow that volume of illegal immigrants accross their own borders. I also support an adjustment to our immigration policies to allow more LEGAL immigrants into this country if it is beneficial to the United States. The most difficult part of the solution is how to handle the millions of illegal immigrants that current reside in the U.S. There are no easy solutions. However, all parties need to come to together to resolve this issue.

I support the issuance of a national ID card to today's illegal immigrants. The card would require a very significant anti-forgery design. Individuals that do not possess proper ID and are not in a national registry would be required to appear before government officials who would determine whether or not the person should be deported. The national ID card would be issued to only today's illegal immigrants. Those who enter the country illegally after a specific date will be deported.

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