Tuesday, February 05, 2008

More Memory for iPhone and iTouch iPod

Apple has just announced memory upgrades for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. the iPhone now comes with up to 16 GB of memory and the iPod Touch now comes with 32 GB of memory. A 3G version was NOT announced. AT&T said a 3G could be expected some time in 2008. Apple is waiting for the next generation of 3G chips that would consume less power.

And now the personal dilema. My current iPod is a 15 GB version and it's full. I've been holding out for a 30 to 60 GB iPhone to replace it. I would expect a 30GB iPhone version in 2009. So, do I buy a 32 GB iPod Touch and then buy a 30 GB iPhone in the future or simply wait for the 30 GB iPhone?

I was planning to spend a part of my tax refund on an Apple TV but now a an iPod Touch may be in my future. Maybe I'll get a tax refund next year and get the next version of the iPhone then...

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