Monday, February 04, 2008

Patriotcast is back

On January 11th I produced the first new episode of Patriotcast since 2005. Patriotcast is a podcast that discusses current events and politics along with observations about life and all things Macintosh. As of this weekend there are now three new episodes. In the past two episodes I compare the candidates in each party on the following issues: immigration, terrorism, the Iraq war, energy policy, fiscal responsibility, economy and taxes, and healthcare. A pdf document is available showing this comparison. For details go to

Patriotcast is available via iTunes by searching for Patriotcast. You can also subscribe to a feed. I recommend clicking on the Feed powered by FeedBurner button found on Patriotcast web site and blog. You also can listen to any episode by simply clicking on the blog title on each blog entry on the Patriotcast blog.

I hope you'll take a moment and listen.

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